Day Trip Snorkeling Various Islands

The islands teem with sea life beneath the clear waters, and some hold delights above ground too. Bohey Dulang in Tun Sakaran Marine Park offers jungle trekking with one of the best views in Sabah. Many of the islands are popular to visit on daytrips, example Mataking, Mabul, Mantabuan, Kapalai, Pom-pom and etc. The magical underwater is a dream come true for many snorkeler enthusiasts. There are a lot of untouched landscape, its fascinating underwater fauna and flora and the fantastic sandy beaches where sunbathing is a real pleasure.


Day / Islands Price per Pax Remarks
  1 pax or 1 island base on our schedule
Monday = Mantabuan + Pom Pom RM 200.00
1 day Snorkeling
/ person
All prices including:
Tuesday = Mabul + Kapalai  
Wednesday = Mataking + Timba Timba Government Tourist Enter Island Fee
Thursday = Sibuan + Mantabuan Tourist Jetty Fee
Friday = Mantabuan + Pom Pom Packed Lunch & Drinking Water
Saturday = Mabul + Kapalai Snorkeling equipment
Sunday = Mataking + Timba Timba  


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